Young's Dental's passionate journey started back in 1987 from a small dental equipment repair center located in Los Angeles, CA. From that point through early 2000, the founder Mr. Young Park has grown the business locally while strengthening the service and equipment departments for the best possible quality customer care and satisfaction. Soon after, the current president, Richard Park has joined the company and started to further expand the business by deeply diving into the world of digital dentistry. At one point, they've come to an agreement that the market isn't going to the right direction as they frequently observed numerous big and small distributors overcharging their customers and not even being able to fully support them. After that moment of agreement, Young's Dental's management has started to aggressively emphasize on these 3 keywords on top of everything else that later have permanently changed the company's nature and philosophy: "Support", "Affordability" and "Education".   
As of today, Young's Dental has successfully grown into a leading dental distributor that offers comprehensive solutions for various in-office fabrications utilizing CAD/CAM, 2D/3D imaging, 3D printing as well as intraoral scanning.  We pride ourselves with our unparalleled multi-level training, extensive support and a wide variety of CE education programs. Young's Dental and WADE (World Academy of Dental Education) together have trained more than 20,000 dental professionals since 2009. And with our unchanging philosophy in mind, all of our equipment customers are being continuously honored with the unlimited lifetime complimentary training, support and education. 

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