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BX5 All-in-One Dental Milling System (Wet & Dry)

Chair-side Total Milling Solution

One-stop solution for every milled restoration including custom abutment, temporary & final crown.


Digital dentistry is becoming more and more popular among dental professionals, having this technology in-house can provide a boost to the bottom line, through increased efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Basic Function

• Glass Ceramic MIlling for Inlay, onlay crown, Veneer
5 Glass Ceramic blocks can be processed at once

Unlike other CAD/CAM milling machines that are only possible to mill one at a time, up to five glass ceramics can be processed with BX-5, which increases the efficiency of work to treat multiple patients simultaneously.

• With Simultaneous 5-axis, the inner surface can be processed

With advanced technology by Dental Plus, the results of your grinding or milling process are extremely accurate and fast. BX-5 Creates smooth and perfect surfaces of undercut and can be placed immediately in a single visit.

• Temporary tooth without undercut

Temporary tooth without undercuts Can be processed, so it can be used immediately, result to patients' high satisfaction

Special Function+

Surgical Guide:

Discover the powerful implant planning and surgical guide with BX-5. Ensures precise and safe implant treatment. Surgical Guide milling is essential for the successful operation of an increasing number of implants and can be implemented within 1 hour, significantly reducing the preparation time by comparing to 3D printer and enabling precise milling.

• Plus Function+

Custom Abutment (Occlusal Surface Machining):

BX-5 can solve the problems of complex processes and procedures for Custom abutment that suit perfectly to the patients. With the possibility of the connector cutting BX-5 eliminates the complicated post-processing processes. Therefore, it is possible to complete an integral prosthesis through abutment milling and glass-ceramic that enables precise groove expression.

Product Features


  • BX-5 is designed for fast and accurate milling directly at a dental clinic with compact size and its stylish design.

Touch Screen:

  • Built-in PC System with user-friendly 10.1" touch screen display for its convenience.

Simultaneous 5-Axis & Half Jig

  • Possible to make more unconstrained tilting angle with using half jig and simultaneous 5-axis motion. Precise and high-quality results can be made without correction after the milling through minimizing undercuts while milling.

Auto tool change - 10 Tool Pockets

  • With the tool pocket, tools suitable for all materials are plugged in at once, and the appropriate tools are automatically used according to the materials.


  • BX-5 provides perfect and full auto-calibration system for its easy operation. It offers clear guidance for every steps with pictures on the screen where anyone can use without difficulty.

Following Guide

  • Providing intuitive interface in order for anyone to operate the machine easily. Easy auto-calibration, making accurate milling results by recognizing the milling position automatically.

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