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CRAFT 5X All-in-One Dental Milling System (Wet & Dry)

Everything is possible in one machine!

A dust collector, a water pump, and a compressor are all-in-one.
CRAFT can be installed anywhere without space restriction.
In addition, anyone can use it easily and maintenance is simple.


One-Step Milling

Everyone thought one-step milling was impossible, but now experience it with CRAFT 5X. CRAFT 5X extends beyond mechanical limitations of conventional milling machines and reproduces your design as it is. One-step milling is complete by producing the abutments and the suprastructures simultaneously with the 5-axis reverse milling method.

While conventional custom abutment production goes through complex stages of designing, milling, and scanning the abutment, one-step milling reduces the production stages by milling the abutment and the suprastructure at the same. Save your time more than one day through milling the abutment during sintering the zirconia bridge. It also improves the accuracy by preventing errors that may occur during scanning.

All-in-One Milling Machine in Your Hand!

Real Time Status and Progress

  • Monitor the status and progress of your machine in real time with your mobile phone.

Push Notification

  • Receive push notifications upon completion of operation or emergency situation for your prompt action.

Bur Status Monitoring

  • View the lifetime of tools in operation, but also all tools in real time.

5-Axis Simultaneous Milling

  • It mills on X, Y, Z axis and rotating blocks and discs 360 degrees in both clockwise and counterclockwise movements. 5-axis milling always allows excellent fits without restrictions on shapes of prostheses.

Both Wet & Dry Compatible

  • Choose between DRY and WET mode depending on the material you prefer to mill. In addition, the waterproof sealing protection increases machine’s longevity.

Sturdy & Low-Vibration Milling

  • Regardless of its compact size, the internal structure of steel components deliver optimal milling speeds with low-vibration for precise milling.

Powerful Motor Closed Loop System

  • The change in output due to external disturbance are corrected automatically, where the feedback element is always present, resulting in a more reliable and accurate milling mechanism.

Built-in Computer System

  • A touch screen and a built-in computer are equipped. The machine control software has an intuitive user interface that anyone can easily use.

High Quality Spindle

  • Durable Jäger spindle, which features up to 100,000 RPM and maximum power of 0.7kw, can mill hard materials stably.


  • The slide open table provides a storage area where milling accessories can be stored for easy and quick accessibility.

Automatic Tool (bur) Changer

  • Features an automatic tool changer with up to 21 tool seating capacity. Automatic tool sensor measures tool lengths and automatically detects even the smallest discrepancies.

Available Optional Jigs

  • Glass Ceramic Jig – For milling glass ceramic materials.
  • Hybrid Ceramic Jig – For milling simultaneously up to 12 hybrid ceramic materials.
  • Premill Original Jig – For milling simultaneously up to 10 titanium pre-milled abutments.
  • Premill Reverse Jig – For milling titanium pre-milled abutments in 5-axis.

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